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    Dolls, Figurines, and Ceramics

    Betty Boop Figurines, Dolls, and Ceramics

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    Betty Boop Hollywood Talking Doll
    ItemNo: DLB12
    Availability: 1.00
    Betty Boop Doll, 12" Tall doll, Bendable Legs, Movable arms, Plastic Press her locket to make her say "Boop oop a doo, and I wanna be loved by you"..DLB12

    Betty Boop Lush Life Figurine
    ItemNo: CBB54
    Brand: NJ Croce
    Availability: 3.00
    Betty Boop figurine, 6" tall cast resin from the Croce Collection..CBB54
    $19.99 $7.99

    Betty Boop November Harvest Girl Figurine
    ItemNo: CBB36
    Brand: Vandor
    Availability: 1.00
    Betty Boop figurine, 5.5" tall Resin Cast Calendar Girl..CBB36
    $19.99 $11.99

    Betty Boop Puppy Love Figurine
    ItemNo: CBB51
    Availability: 7.00
    Betty Boop Puppy Love Figurine ia a cast resin figurine is 6" tall and part of the NJ Croce Collection...CBB51
    $19.99 $7.99

    Betty Boop Starlet Bear
    ItemNo: DLB17
    Availability: 3.00
    Betty Boop Doll, 8" tall bean bag bear with Betty Boop print..DLB17
    $10.19 $6.99

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