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    Betty Boop & Coca Cola Journal Notebook
    ItemNo: PGB34
    Brand: Vandor
    Approx qty avail.: 9.00
    Betty Boop & Coca Cola Journal Notebook has 75 lined sheets with metal spiral binding and a cover with two different legendary Betty Boop and Coke images overlaid with lenticular effect so you see a different image depending on the angle you view it..PGB34
    $9.99 $2.99

    Betty Boop Bendable Figurine
    ItemNo: BB19
    Brand: NJ Croce
    Approx qty avail.: 1.00
    Betty Boop figurine, 5" bendable pvc figurine..BB19
    $8.48 $6.79

    Betty Boop Hearts Mini Bucket
    ItemNo: TNB12
    Brand: Vandor
    Approx qty avail.: 2.00
    Betty Boop Hearts Mini Bucket, 5" tall 6" dia. tin Betty Boop Bucket..TNB12

    Betty Boop Kiss Playing Cards
    ItemNo: BB98
    Approx qty avail.: 12.00
    Betty Boop Kiss Playing Cards features a different picture of Betty Boop. The card cover is Betty Boop posed blowing a kiss with big red lips above her name in white on a black background with "Boop-Oop-A-Doop" repeated in ash gray script...BB98
    $6.78 $4.48

    Betty Boop Leg Kick Beach Towel
    ItemNo: BB47
    Approx qty avail.: 5.00
    Betty Boop Leg Kick Beach Towel features Betty Boop in a sexy pink dress with her leg in a kick pose sitting on "Betty Boop" in white outlined black letters on a black cotton beach towel..BB47
    $19.98 $15.88

    Betty Boop Playing Card Set Special Edition
    ItemNo: BB10
    Approx qty avail.: 3.00
    Betty Boop Playing Cards, 2 Standard Playing Card Decks in 5.5" x 3.5" Hinged Lid Tin..BB10
    $12.98 $9.99

    Biker Betty on Pink Button
    ItemNo: JBB14
    Approx qty avail.: 20.00
    Biker Betty on Pink Button, 1.5 inch Diameter quality pin on button with Biker Betty Boop on a hot pink background..JBB14
    $1.88 $0.75

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